"INDUSTRIA - FLOREMUS" - In Toil We Flourish
* External practical datesheet for class 10th (session 2015-16) is available in downloads.            

Dear Esteemed Parents,

At the very outset let me express my sincere thanks to all of you for your obvious valuable assiduous cooperation and contribution to Burn Hall School, throughout its existence. I specially acknowledge your extreme efforts to succour in maintaining its stupendous past and ameliorating future even in the midst of all turbulence of the past. As I extend my good wishes to all of you I also pray and entreat to God Almighty for a better academic session 2015 and more.

That you are aware and in know of the fact that all of us are passing through a grim si...... Read More

About Burnhall School


The first Prefect Apostolic of this mission was Msgr. Ignatius Brouwer who made Rawalpindi his headquarters. On 13th July 1888, at the time of Maharaja Pratap Singh in Srinagar, Msgr. Ignatius Brouwer obtained permission from the Viceroy to stay in Kashmir. Fr. Daniel Kilty was the first missionary to have set foot in Kashmir. He later went to Leh in August 1888 where he fell ill and died on 23rd April, 1889. The Mill Hill Presence in the dawn of the 20th century was felt in the persons of Msgr. Ignatius Brouwer, Msgr. Winkely, Frs. Densen, Kuhan and Simons. In 1930, Msgr. Winkely died in Rawalpindi and Fr. O'Donoqhoe was placed in charge of the Prefecture. He with the help of Fr. C.B. Simons established St. Joseph's School, Baramulla...... Read More

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude”. listen to everybody before you make up your own mind. when you listen, you learn.. steven speilberg.

External practical datesheet for class 10th (session 2015-16) Download

External practical datesheet for class 10th (session 2015-16) is available in downloads.