"INDUSTRIA - FLOREMUS" - In Toil We Flourish

Dear Esteemed Parents,

At the very outset let me express my sincere thanks to all of you for your obvious valuable assiduous cooperation and contribution to Burn Hall School, throughout its existence. I specially acknowledge your extreme efforts to succour in maintaining its stupendous past and ameliorating future even in the midst of all turbulence of the past. As I extend my good wishes to all of you I also pray and entreat to God Almighty for a better academic session 2015 and more.

That you are aware and in know of the fact that all of us are passing through a grim situation after the floods and the continued inclement weather till date. However, my priority is care of students, concern for parents and quality of teaching- learning process.

Esteemed parents, let me share with you the fact that the school is just recovering from the huge loss on account of the disastrous deluge and is trying hard to put in place all the essentials for the smooth teaching and learning process. As I have been entrusted with this great responsibility of Principal of Burn Hall School from the 6th of May 2015 by the Diocese of Jammu-Srinagar Education Society, I earnestly appeal to your immediate and serious attention on the following points:
a. Non seriousness among the students in academics from Classes IX to XII which is proved by their performance in the recent test. Undoubtedly this is going to affect their performance in Board Exams.
b. Indiscipline and unbecoming behavior among these students in the campus and particularly in class rooms which creates an unhealthy atmosphere for both the serious students and the teachers in delivering their best.
c. Ensuring proper uniform, decent hair cut and a healthy lunch pack while sending the wards to school is a prime responsibility of parents. Deviation in this regard is not only polluting the congenial atmosphere of the school but also causes criminal waste of the precious time of teachers and good students. Students found guilty in this regard will not be allowed to attend classes or tests in future.
d. Punctuality of both students and staff is of paramount importance in gauging the standard of the school and late comers can always spoil the mood of a serious teacher in the morning. Who is the loser? Definitely it is the students of entire class due to the negligence of one or two.
e. Involvement in physical violence and causing injuries to others ( now on an alarming rate among students of 9th and 10th) will invite long suspension or dismissal (please refer to School diary Page 21, under title Manners – Nos. vii,viii,ix).
f. Clear cut policy regarding Admission to Class XI will be issued to all parents to avoid inconvenience to Parents and School Management.
g. Kindly update your contact numbers in the school personally for a better and faster communication of important matters from school regarding your ward.

We earnestly hope that all of our parents who are our most valuable partners in education, will in basic requirement to tide over the present prevailing situation and eke-out the need for serene, soothe and smooth future of the school, blissfully aplomb the request on appreciating the difficulties in the right perspective and continue to extend your support and cooperation, you have hitherto given to us.

Let us toil together and uphold our motto Industria Floremus
With warm regards,

Fr. Sebastian. N