"INDUSTRIA - FLOREMUS" - In Toil We Flourish


Attendance & Leave:
  • It is mandatory for all the students to have minimum of 85% attendance in an academic year.
  • All the leaves have to be applied in advance. Students can take leave only after having got the leave sanctioned from the Principal / Vice Principal.
  • In case of medical exigency, leave can either be sent through someone or it can be brought along when the student comes to school.
  • No leave of absence shall be granted except on cogent grounds. A booklet of leave format will be made available.
  • Students claiming three or more days' sick leave will have to bring Doctor's certificate to that effect.
  • Students who will be found short of attendance will be debarred from appearing in the final exams or dismissed from the school after the completion of the said academic year.
  • In case you want to claim any leave or exemption from any school activity on medical ground, such a claim has to be supported by medical certificate.
Balanced Diet:
  • All the students are expected to bring their lunch along with them.
  • Parents are advised to give home cooked food and avoid junk food.
  • Parents are also advised to ensure balanced diet for your ward.
  • Kindly consult a Nutritionist in this matter.
Boarding & Deboarding of Students:
  • Boarding and deboarding of students coming by their own vehicles or through hired private vehicles is not permissible in the school campus due to non-availability of space.
  • Parents and Guardians who do not avail of school transportation service but help reach their wards on their own or through hired private vehicles, are requested to ensure that they cause no traffic congestion outside the school.
  • Kindly park your vehicles in such a manner as to ensure the smooth flow of the traffic near the school premises.
  • Where ever warranted, after deboarding, students should be helped to cross the road safely to enter the school campus.
  • Due to lack of space and, keeping in mind the safety and security of the children within the school premises, parking of private/public vehicles within the school campus is not permissible. Kindly extend your cooperation.
  • Parents who send their wards through hired private vehicles shall be totally responsible for any eventuality/accident involving your hired vehicle. The School Management shall share no responsibility for it.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that hired private vehicles are fit for the transportation of children and that they adhere to the traffic norms in letter and spirit and are authorized by the Regional Transport Authority.
  • All the students should be dressed smartly from top to toe.
  • They should be neat and clean in all respects.
  • Parents should ensure that their ward's hair is properly trimmed, oiled and combed, their dress regularly washed and ironed, and shoes properly polished.
  • Students should throw all the waste in the dustbin provided in the classrooms and in the school campus.
Health & Hygiene:
  • Good health of mind and body is an essential property of students' life. It is the bounden duty of the parents to ensure the good health of their wards by providing them healthy and balanced food, sufficient rest and timely medical intervention.
  • In case of ill health of your ward, kindly take immediate steps to preserve and maintain his good health and to check the spread of the disease.
  • Wearing of neat and clean uniform, clipping of nails, trimming of hair and washing of hands before eating are all essential aspects of good health.
  • In case your ward suffers from any kind of communicable disease, ensure that he is kept at home. He should be sent to school only after his complete recovery. A medical certificate to that effect has to be furnished.
  • If your ward has weak health, hearing problem, weak eye-sight, etc kindly inform the school management as well as his class teacher.
  • In case your ward is required to take any medicine, please ensure that he carries the same along with him.
  • The school has a well maintained Health Room with an experienced and qualified person to give first aid. In case of any medical exigency students are immediately referred to the nearest hospital for further treatment.
Identity Card:
  • Students must possess an identity card issued by the school. It should be worn around the neck whenever the student is in the school campus.
  • School Identity card is valid only for one year.
  • Incase of damage or loss of identity card the duplicate card will be issued for which the concerned student will have to bear the cost.
Medical Check-Up:
  • The school management gives utmost importance to the physical and psychological health of students.
  • It will make all the necessary arrangements for general medical check-up of all its students.
  • Services of Counsellor will also be made available to the students.
  • Proper medical report of all the students will be maintained in the school.
Note & Text Books:
  • Students shall bring all the text & note books as per the day's time table.
  • Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.
  • All the notebooks and text books should be properly covered.
  • The school management may consider giving marks for well kept text & note books or deduct marks if the text & note books are found shabby / torn / incomplete.

All the students are expected to show high standard of behaviour in relation to each other in general and towards the staff members in particular at all times. Hence:
  • Students should behave politely and with gentlemanly attitude at all times in the class rooms and within the school campus.
  • They should use parliamentary language while communicating with each other.
  • They should respect each others' religious sentiments and learn to accept, appreciate & honour each others' culture.
  • No student should be found using unparliamentarily language, passing degrading and provocative remarks about any religion or culture or social practices or any profession of any ward's parent.
  • Students should be attending their classes as per their day's time-table. They should not be found loitering around / bunking the class during their respective periods.
  • Stealing of any kind of article/s, note or text books, tiffins, etc will be viewed very seriously and the student/ indulging in such acts will have to face its consequences.
  • Students found inciting / instigating / promoting or getting involved in any kind of physical violence will be dealt sternly.
  • To maintain the conducive atmosphere and the discipline of the school, the school management will not hesitate to rusticate such student or group of students outrightly.
  • Students, who fail to live upto the expected standard, or indulge in serious anti-disciplinary matters, shall be issued two warning passes. At the end of two warnings the concerned student would have exhausted his chances to be in the school. Such a student will be deemed to be unfit for the school and hence liable to be terminated.
  • Irregular attendance, neglect of studies and class work, involvement in physical fight, disobedience and disrespect towards members of the staff and injurious conduct to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student.
Notice Board:
  • All the circulars containing school information, exam instructions, school rules and regulations shall be displayed on the notice board. Students, staff and parents are required to take note of it.
  • Once displayed on the notice board it shall be deemed to have been notified and shall take effect as per the notification.
  • The Principal's/Vice Principal's permission ought to be sought if any student wants to put any article or poster on any other matter on the notice board.
  • Only those posters will be displayed on any display board, including class room board that is duly permitted by the Principal/Vice Principal.
No Polythene Zone:
  • The school has been declared as “No Polythene Zone”. Students should not be found with banned polythene bags within the school campus.
  • Any student violating this norm will be suitably fined.
  • Students must reach the school at least five minutes before the first bell.
  • Students habitually coming late to the school will be debarred from entering the school campus after the first bell.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their ward reaches school on time and also pick him up at the time of school dismissal from their respective exit points.
School Property:
  • All the students are duty bound to take care of the school property.
  • Students must not deface or spoil the furniture, write on the walls or in any way damage what is provided for their use.
  • Any kind of damage done to school property must be made good.
School Transportation:
  • Dropping students to school and back is the primary duty of the parents.
  • The school management shall arrange for its own transportation as and where possible.
  • Parents who would like to avail of the school transportation shall have to pay such a rent as fixed by the school management from time to time.
  • All the school transport vehicles are run, managed and maintained as per government regulations.
  • All the school buses are also insured against accidents & other eventualities.
  • Parents who avail of school transportation will jointly share the responsibility in case of any mishap or eventuality.
  • Students will be allowed to board the bus only on the basis of bus pass issued to them by the school management.
  • Students who misbehave in the school bus or cause any kind of damage to the school bus will be debarred from boarding the school bus, and their bus pass will be cancelled.
School Uniform:
  • Wearing smart uniform not only makes a student look handsome & smart but, above all, it boosts his mental and psychological well-being.
  • Hence parents are earnestly requested to make all efforts to send their ward to school with complete, neat and clean school uniform.
  • Students' uniform should be such as prescribed by the school as per the days.
  • In exceptional circumstances when a student is unable to wear the complete school uniform, he would be allowed to attend the class provided a request is made by the parents on the page given in this handbook.
Use of Mobile & other Banned Items:
  • Students are strictly forbidden to bring mobiles to the school. If found, it will be impounded and penalty will be imposed.
  • Students are also strictly forbidden to bring objectionable literature / picture / material or to purchase any food stuff from an unauthorized dealer in or around the school premises.
  • Students are also strictly prohibited to bring any sharp edged weapons, knife etc in the school premises.
  • It is not advisable to bring any valuable articles to school for whatsoever reason. Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged.
  • Students are expected to bring only such articles / things that may be required for the purpose of education or to conduct any cocurricular activities.
  • School shall not be responsible if any personal valuable items are damaged / lost / stolen in the school campus.
Vehicle Parking:
  • The school provides no parking facility to parents / Guardians / Well-wishers / Visitors due to security reasons and non-availability of space.
  • Parents / Guardians are requested to park their vehicles outside the school gates at their own risk.
  • Parking of vehicles should not lead to any kind of traffic congestion at any point of time.
  • Parents violating the traffic regulations outside the school gates will be dealt with as per the law of the traffic department.
Visits of Parents / Guardians / Well-wishers / Visitors:
  • During the school hours Parents / Guardians / Well-wishers / Visitors are advised to enter & exit the school through Gate No. 1 only.
  • Parents are not allowed to see their children or meet the teachers during school hours, except with the permission of the Principal
  • Parents are prohibited from entering the classrooms except on result days.
  • In case of medical or any other exigency, student/s will be sent only with parents or guardian.
  • Should the school get over earlier on any day due to unavoidable reasons, the students should be instructed to remain in the campus till he is picked up by the parent / guardian.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the school during school hours except when parents contact the Principal/Vice Principal in person and obtain written permission for the same.
Curative / Disciplinary Actions:
  • Students found violating school's rules and regulations issued in the interest of general good of the students and to inculcate, nurture & maintain the discipline, will be liable for the suitable disciplinary action including discharge.
Please Note:

The above Code of Conduct is promulgated on 05th September 2012 keeping in mind the general wellbeing of the students. All the concerned Staff, Students & Parents are hereby directed to take note of it and adhere to it.