"INDUSTRIA - FLOREMUS" - In Toil We Flourish



Industria - Floremus
"In toil we flourish"


"What is the leaf in your armour, my brother?"
Like a leaf, so's My life:
Budding forth in my spring:
"Lost in the numberless foliage of summer,
Giving greatness and strength
To the mighty Chinar"
"Little yet great in my life, like a leaf
Swept away by the wind
"In the fall - who knows where?"

"What is the round in your armour, my brother?
And the gold lines within
Rising up to the light?"
"These are the shapes of our letters and learning
Of the search of our mind
For who's beauty and truth"
"Circle and sine make up science and its ways
Move the world and its wheels
Work our Factories and Fields."

Therefore, "In Toil we shall Flourish", oh brothers
As the leaf provides food
And fresh air to the world
We too spread life and new strength all around us
Doing humbly our task
To seek knowledge and light,
Little yet great is my life, like a leaf,
Giving glory and strength
To a mighty chinar.